Thursday, January 12, 2012

Valentines Day Cake Ideas

Here are a few ideas for easy valentine cakes and cupcakes: The first were some cupcakes that I had bakes for my daughters class, last minute as usual, so easy was a MUST!
I made this cake quite a few years ago. I really just wanted to practice my basket weaving. :)
I saw a picture of one like this somewhere and though I'd gie it a try. The same size heart cutter is key but it can get to be a bit tricky trying to get the all to fit together just right.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Rainbow Wedding Cake

Last summer my mother-in-law, and her partner , took a trip to Cape Cod and were wed. They had a reception planned for October to celebrate here at home with their family and friends. Of course, I signed up to make the cake, and much to my delight, I was given free reign on the design of the cake. I wasn't sure if I needed to go traditional, in design, or something completely off the wall, after all the reception was a 70's themed costume party. :) But what I did know is I wanted to completely surprise them, and I knew I needed to incorporate the rainbow in somehow. Here's what I ended up with: A four tier (4 in, 6in, 8in, 10in) covered in buttercream, decorated with fondant circles.

I think they really like the cake. But maybe weren't so blown away with the "traditional" wedding cake appearance. Although, I did try do go more mod in design, it did look very traditional. They were happy, but not blown away.............yet. :) Here's what I did to knock their socks off............
Here are only four of the 24 layers of cake I baked for this cake. 4 tiers, 6 layers per tier.


Each tier got filled with my traditional buttercream icing, all 6 layers. Then crumb coated.Each tier got filled with my traditional buttercream icing, all 6 layers. Then crumb coated.
After icing and smoothing, the buttercream, I attached fondant circles to the out side of each tier.

The fondant circles were dried, sprayed with shimmer, and cut in various sizes. Here is a close up of circles:

Random pattern:

Tiers waiting to be stacked:

My husband and I were the only ones who knew what the inside looked like, and I was like a little kid trying to hold it in, because I knew how much they were going to like it. And lets face it, I do this to see the look on the faces of the recipients, it makes me feel good to see how excited someone can get over a cake that you have made for them. But alas, I had to wait, and wait, and wait.....

Finally, it was time to cut the cake. YAY!!! Here's is what they saw first...OMGeeee.

What one whole tier looked like cut...........

And what each piece looked like!

The ladies were thrilled, soooo very excited, and blown away but what I had made for them. Congratulations Mom and Missy Vet. We love y'all !