Thursday, September 27, 2012

Paintball Cake

This summer I had an opportunity to make a paintball cake for a young man's 12th birthday.  His mom had some ideas in terms of design, and had one very specific request, she wanted the inside to be camouflaged.  Oooohhhh...that sounds fun.  Here's how I managed to do that.  First things first, bake the cake.  I had to make three batches of cake batter.  Two of the batches were WASC, I just colored one of the olive green, and the third was a chocolate flavor. 
Once the batter was made I had to alternate the batters into the cake pans until all were used and full. 
Ready for the oven.
Baked & Leveled.  How cool did they turn out?!?!  I know I was excited!
To finish off the cake, I iced in in plain white buttercream, made a target and covered it in "paintball" gumballs.  I was super excited about the final product!  Here it is.  Whatcha think??


Super Fun Skittles Cake

In early September I was asked by a friend to make a cake for her daughter's 16th birthday.  Sarah had shown her mom a picture of a cake that looked like a bag of skittles.  I was too excited!  This was going to be a fun one!  Here's how I did it. 
First thing you ask when someone asks for a cake is what flavor?  Her answer..."Skittles Flavor"  Ummm...okey dokey...So what I decided to do was to bake a strawberry cake, and cover it in lemon flavored icing.  YUM!!
Here is the cake.  I rounded the edges and ripped of the corner.
Then I covered it in icing: 
I let that chill for a while.  In the meantime I was rolling out my red fondant to make the bag.  Here it is covered.  I scalloped the edges just like the real bag.
The next part made me REALLY nervous.  I had to make the letter for the name, but I really wanted to make it as perfect as possible.  I made sure to have the real bag close by for reference.
Then I added the rainbow at the top.  What a pain this was, and I still am not completely satisfied with the result, but it was as good as it was going to get.
Originally I was going to use real skittles for the bag and for the candies that were to be spilling out of the bag.  Then my husband suggested that that would look dumb.  Gotta love him, but he was right, so I made them from fondant.  Here's the result:

In the end, I had tons of fun with this one.  And Sarah loved it.  She and her friends couldn't believe that it actually tasted like skittles!!  Yay!!