About Me

Hi Everyone!  I am Elizabeth, some people call me Betsy.  Other names I go by are: Mommy to my two beautiful daughters, Honey to my my wonderful husband, & Mrs. H to my 180 high school students that I have the pleasure of hanging out with 8 hours every day while I am at my "real" job as a high school Family & Consumer Science teacher.  (Home Ec. for all of us old fogies) 

6 years ago, had you asked, I would have told you that I was not the least bit creative, nor did I have and hobbies. :(  Sad I know.  With two small children at home, a full time job, and no real me time, my friend Andie and I signed up for a cake decorating class at our local craft store.  This gave us a reason to get out of the house, spend some grown-up time together, learn a little somethin', and go have a beer afterwards.  We were, at the very most, hoping to make our kids a descent birthday cake and were REALLY excited about that beer!  Well, you can say that I got that and so much more!  I was in LOVE with cake decorating.  While not very good and first, but  completely obsessed, I found any reason possible to make a new cake.  I  scoured the Internet for cake ideas and tutorials and gradually improved, and when I say gradually, I mean very very gradually. :) 

Fast forward to 2008, it was time to start planning a birthday party for one of my girls.  I had a cake in mind, and yes most parties start out with the cake I would like to make, and was trying to come up with ideas on how I was going to have a party based on that cake.  So, I found myself, once again, scouring the Internet, but for party ideas instead.  OMG!!!  I could not believe all of the amazing things I was finding.  Could it be true?!?!  Had I found myself another obsession, errrr I mean hobby?  While I had always had pretty cool parties for my girls, the ideas, the tutorials, and the amazingly creative party people out there blew me away.  That was it, I was hooked! 

Where will this obsession take me?  Who knows.  But on this blog I will share what I learn, what I do, the inspirations I find, and everything else in between.  I hope you enjoy!